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Only pay for meetings attended with a decision maker.

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Stacked with social impact

Every time you buy a meeting with us, you are supporting a community, improving the environment, and building a presence for social enterprises worldwide.



Africa's largest slum, Kibera, has hundreds of thousands of honest, motivated, and hardworking entrepreneurs eager for an opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle. Our combination of world-class sales training, social impact, and Fortune 100 customer base enables change for the people that need it most.

Designed for our future


Through daily, weekly, and monthly professional development programs, opportunities for families to come together and support one another, and regular performance recognition ceremonies, we empower change.

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Award change

100% of meetings booked results in 100 trees being planted
removing 30,800 KG of carbon from the planet
By overachieving a target, the agent receives a generous commission
5x-10x more money than what they were earning before joining us.
After their probation period, the agent receive full health insurance
Plus 2x additional family members